Self Check

Answer the following True or False statements

__T __F 1. Most learners feel comfortable with their spelling and grammar skills.

__T __F 2. Most of do not need to write to be able to function well in our lives.

__T __F 3. Prewriting consists of gathering ideas and thinking about the order in which to put them.

__T __F 4. Writing is a complicated but easily understood process.

__T __F 5. It is a good idea to revise at the same time you write the first draft.

__T __F 6.. Writing provides an opportunity for a learner to develop his or her own ideas.

__T __F 7. The Language Experience Approach shows that the communication of ideas is completed by the combined skills of reading and writing.

__T __F 8. In writing, look for ways to make the flow of ideas easier for the reader to follow.

__T __F 9. Small motor skills are an integral part of the writing process.

__T __F 10. List writing and filling out forms are good ways to develop the writing process.

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lillian said...

This is a good check point. I missed number 8.

Kareemah said...

I missed 4 and 8. #4 said: “Writing is a complicated, but easily understood process.” I would agree with that. The answer emphasized the complexity, but did not explain why it was not easily understood. It seems to me the steps, once broken out for the learner, are not hard to understand. Question might be re-phrased.

In #8 “In writing, look for ways to make the flow of ideas easier for the reader to follow.” The answer talked about making corrections, which I agree, would not be useful. I guess that corrections refers to "make the flow of ideas easier," but I understood it to mean ie. make the environment more conducive for the flow of ideas.

neg said...

This is a good touch stone to make sure your learner can express themselves in words as well as read what others think or what to do or not to do.

SNelson said...

I love this lesson!

Megan N said...

I love the self checks!

Anonymous said...


John Lynch said...

Completed (also, there is a typo in T/F question #2)

Eddie Summerlin said...

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Jazz Lee said...

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Robert D said...

I enjoyed the learning. It helped me to stop and think about what someone 'new' to expressing themselves on paper in complete thoughts are faced with.

CLC Program Manager said...

This material builds on itself well. Thanks.

James Jones said...

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